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Well as you've probably have seen, I have a few more cosplays up on the way and two already came - WWE Undertaker and Gokai Silver. All I have to do now for the Gokai Silver is to literally get the Helmet & underhood as well as a belt made by Aniki.

The others are gonna be a bit of a pain in the ass to make, but I have faith in myself to do it - specially the Naminé mermaid one, this one is gonna kick me right in the ass...literally.


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New to cosplaying, first convention was Ayacon which I had a huge great time at and met new friends, I also crossplay as you can see in my albums as well as cosplaying as female characters. I also have a very rare disability called Acrodysostosis and I am also transgender, so get used to it and also I'm 28 years old.

FYI, if I catch you being a 'dick' or asshole (sorry for foul language everyone, had to be said cos I've had a few idiots around my portfolio whom I've had to block because they were trolls and I really despise and hate trolls that come on and think they're funny to talk trash about your work etc), you're automatically banned no matter what, no second chances!

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Welcome to DA!
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thank you ^^
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you are welcome!
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